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Comprehensive Assessments

A thorough assessment leads to a solid therapy plan.  
All assessments prioritize a client’s individual learning style and specific strengths and needs to establish a baseline and create space for growth.  Using a combination of standardized assessments, developmental checklists and parent/child interview, I will provide a comprehensive evaluation report that highlights your child’s unique communication strengths and needs.

Speaking Practice

In Home Speech Therapy

Speech therapy in the home uses a client’s most natural environment to drive growth through safety, connection and familiarity.  The client has favorites around them: favorite toys, food, places, favorite sensory tools like pillows and fidgets.  But most all, they have their favorite people around for support.  Therapy goals are established at the onset and all family members are welcome participants in the success of intervention.

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Virtual Speech Therapy

Virtual speech therapy has many benefits, the most crucial being the ability to access speech therapy from the comfort of your home at a time that’s convenient for you.  There is no pressure to clean up, to prepare, to commute or to wrangle an already leary child away from home for therapy. In my experience, clients love to show me a glimpse into their life without all the added pressure of inviting me into their home.  I can meet their dog, see their favorite toy or book all without taking it to the next level of letting me in physically.

Chess Playing


At one time or another all parents wish their child came with a manual, but parents with neurodiverse children need a manual and a treasure map.  The road is bumpy and sometimes unpaved, but there are so many treasures along the way.   Connecting with an autistic child feels like winning the lottery to me.  I am the lucky winner let inside a child’s unique world no matter how extended or brief that invitation lasts.   As your SLP consultant, I can teach to build that connection stronger and more readily recognize the wins along the road.  I can help navigate the complex language of IEPs and empower families to confidently represent their  child on the special education team.  Better communication for all will be the icing on the cake.

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