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Be Well Autism

Meet Jaime

  • Jaime has been a practicing SLP for 20 years.  Her expertise includes functional and comprehensive assessments and treatment of autism spectrum disorder, childhood apraxia of speech, ADHD, AAC, social emotional regulation and social skills training.

  • In her 20 years as a practicing SLP, Jaime continues to be inspired daily by her neurodiverse students.​

  • Jaime has worked with students ages two through 18.  She enjoys helping neurodiverse students become empowered to find their own, unique voices.  She believes building upon what lights a client up is the strongest foundation for a positive therapy experience.   

  • Jaime lives in Chester County, PA with her husband and two boys.  

    Most weekends, she can be found cheering on her kids competing in whatever sport is currently in season, reading a book or walking with her husband and husky Daisy  through the woods.  

  • "I started this private practice to share what I've learned and help families and their neurodiverse children communicate more effectively and, more importantly, more authentically with one another."  

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Meet Jaime: About

My Clinical Experience

Meet Jaime: Resume

Ithaca College, BA of Journalism (1999)

Temple University, MA of Communications Sciences (2004)

American Speech-Language Hearing Association Member

Pennsylvania State Certified Teacher of Speech and Language

Certified Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinical Specialist 2023-2025

I've been an SLP for 20 years, and every one of those years, I worked with at least one student falling somewhere on the autism spectrum.
I have been fortunate to work with these students because without them, I may not have learned the power of strengths-based intervention.
I believe that autism is not something that needs to be cured, fixed or extinguished.  Autism is a difference not a deficit. Through that lens, the goals of intervention becomes very clear.   
1.  Intervention must be functional.
2.  Intervention must include acceptance.
3.  Intervention must include growth.

Parents often admit that communication with their child feels like climbing up a huge mountain.  They don't know where to start.  I can be your guide.  I will help you notice patterns so that you begin interpret your child's unique communication code.

Helping Neurodiverse Families Thrive Not Just Survive

Meet Jaime: Video
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